The Belief

Above it all

Above it all

There is something about flying that puts me in a mood to quietly reflect on my day and my life.  I am not sure if it being suspended several thousand feet above the earth that invokes a sense of mystery.  There is so much about life that is unknown.  So much we never really consider until life puts it there in front of us.  We are all aware that everything has a beginning and an ending, however often it isn’t something we think about until we are at the beginning or end of something.  Then we seem somewhat surprised by the fact that we are now in this situation.  As I listen to the conversations around me I can’t help but wonder what is next.  After this experience here on earth, what really happens.  I remember a conversation I had with my Grandfather about his thoughts on what happens after death and I feel a sense of peace in his wisdom. “Son, only you can decide what you believe within your heart and soul.  You can buy into others beliefs yet in the end there must be a knowing in order for it to come to pass.  Have you ever done something others doubted? Have you ever doubted another and been surprised when they came through?  Life seems to have a law in which it knows what you believe within.  So it doesn’t matter much if others agree or disagree, what ultimately matters is what you know so well to be true that it transforms from a belief to a knowing.”

That story runs through my mind and I realize maybe this journey that seems to be ending all too soon may be just the beginning of another incredible journey.  Perhaps being aware of the ending will allow me to fulfill some greater purpose I am intended to complete.  While there is no comprehending the feeling that seems to randomly trigger through my mind and body, there are hopes that this could be something extraordinary.  The thought of leaving my wife and children, my parents and friends is devastating and yet eventually we all leave.

I breathe deeply and witness the life force that soon will no longer be with me.  I put my hand on my neck and feel my pulse and am grateful for so many blessings I have experienced.  I close my eyes and play moments back in my mind.  A smile and a tear make their way across my face and I know this is the beginning of something amazing.


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